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Race Report and photos from Wednesday night’s Runways Duathlon Series


From Brian Crinion Women:
1. Eleana Maslova -Wheelworx- (and both run and cycle primes)
2. Monica Marconi (and 1st Vet)
3. Barbara O’Hanrahan -Belpark-
1. Mark Doyle -Belpark-
2. Fernando Fuentes -Belpark- (and bike prime)
3. Chris Upton -Wicklow-
Vet: Jonny McCabe -Setanta- (and superVet prize)
U23: Colin Bolger -Pulse-
Run Prime: Barry Minnock -Belpark-

How it unfolded

Run 1
Barry Minnock (Belpark) fresh from his national 10km championships, set the pace on the opening run. However being out on your own into the head wind was no advantage and his lead coming into t1 was less than expected. Working together on the run or more correctly put tracking each other were Mark Doyle (Belpark), Fernando Fuentes (Belpark), John Caffrey (Belpark), Chris Upton (Wicklow) & Colin Bolger (Pulse).
Doyle took the early lead from Minnock, but the real story on the bike was all about Caffrey. Caffrey started to take control of the opening lap passing all the other contenders one by one. After 2 of 3 laps the gap was over 15seconds on Doyle and 25seconds on Fuentes. He looked set! However he overshot the corner on the military road on the 3rd lap and by the time he got back onto the course, Doyle and Fuentes had passed him.
Fuentes then caught and passed Doyle on the hill at St. Mary’s and held on for the bike prime.
Run 2
Caffrey raced through transition allowing him to re-establish contact with Doyle and Fuentes. Who would have it in their legs for a tough 2nd run??? Caffrey pulled out early with a suspected hip strain. There was no separating Doyle and Fuentes on the back straight into the head wind. Though Fuentes did make three strong breaks. On to the home straight side by side any with the finish in sight Doyle used his track speed to pull away and take his first win in the Duathlon Series. Meanwhile Upton had done enough on the bike to give himself a comfortable run into 3rd place and first podium finish. Definitely one to watch in future.
Definitely the closest race we’ve had in years.

The women’s race was a more about a show of strength from Maslova. She opened up a lead on the first run and added to it on each section of the race. Meanwhile Marconi and O’Hanrahan battled it out on the first run. There was no sign of Marconi’s foot injury, that almost caused her to pull out earlier in the week. By the end of lap 1 the position were as they would finish on the podium. Maslova podium spots had been decOnto the bike the gap open with Marconi coming in behind.

Hope to see you next month,
Brian Crinion
Events Director
Belpark Triathlon Club.