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Race Organiser meets World & Olympic marathon champion


Wexford Half Marathon Eoin Ryan race organiser of Wicklow/Wexford/ Clontarf half marathons bumps into Stephen Kiprotich while training for the Marathon des Sables in Uganda. Here is his account:

Being a keen runner i hoped to arrange a photograph with the most famous son of Uganda – Stephen Kiprotich.
He is a national hero. Getting the photo was a big coup as he has a very busy schedule!! I bought him and his entourage dinner in an Italian restaurant in Kampala.
He is a very humble, shy kinda guy. We had a great conversation which surprised his friends. He normally isn’t much of a talker. We exchanged contact details and I hope to do some Life coaching with him in the future.
I presented him with a Wexford Half marathon tech top. Maybe some day he will come and do it….

Stephen is the current Olympic and World champion for the Marathon distance.
He won gold in London at the olympics 2012 and then won the World Championships in Moscow 2013.
Here is more details on him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Kiprotich

His next race is London Marathon in April where he will be up against other Elites in a big showdown.