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Preparation for the Polkadot Cycling Challenge


None Whether you have Trained or not its time to take on the Polkadot Challenge on Saturday July 19th with 3 course and distance to choose from this event is suitable for everyone.
The Polkadot Fada is 180k long with 11 climbs, for the fit and experienced cyclist
The Polkadot 120k has 9 climbs but shorter versions for the reasonable fit cyclist
The Polkadot Beag 80k with 3 climbs a good challenge for any reasonable fit person even a novice.

The Polkadot Fada route is one of the hardest and most scenic that could be found in the West of Ireland taken in 11 climbs totalling 3500m of up hill climbing which would be comparable to a short stage in the Tour De France.
2009 has seen huge numbers Participating in long strenuous Endurance events like Marathon running, adventure races like Gael Force and in cycling leisure events like the An post series, so here is another one for your diary.

With only a few days left to the challenge you will be asking yourself have I done enough! Well the only way to find out is to have a go!
The last thing you should do now is to cram a load of training in, in the days prior to the event as this will only leave you tired, aim to do one or two short spins in the week before, with the last spin being on the Thursday, this will leave you nice and supple for Sunday’s event.
With the extra time you have available, do a check of your clothing, bike, food and fluid you are going to take with you and keep an eye on the weather charts.
Depending on the distance you are doing, the requirements will be slightly different, for the shorter distance you will need some snack foods and water but not as much as you would need to do the longer Fada event .
During the Challenge you will burn approx 500-700 calories per hour depending on the intensity you cycle at around the route, so it’s important to keep topping up with energy bars or fruit and to hydrate every 15mins with 100-150mls of water or fluids.
Think of your body as an engine of a car no fuel and it will not perform…

Planning is hugely important when it comes to taking on a challenge.
The simple slogan of “failing to plan is planning to fail” may getting you thinking…
Set your self a Goal for the event !, write down what time you hope to complete the distance in? this will help plan how much water and food you will require.
What clothing do you need to wear?
A comfortable pair of cycling shorts are essential, an under vest, one or maybe 2 outer jerseys and maybe a light rain jacket are all highly recommended.
The bike :Go through the gears, check tyres for cuts and that brakes are working. Tyre pressure needs to be around 100psi for a standard 700c wheel any less and you run the risk of puncturing.
Carry a spare tube, pump and tyre levers, these can be put into your saddle bag underneath the saddle of the bike.
Check out the route on the map at sign on and become familiar with the small village names as this will help you motivate yourself to keep going, it also gives you a good idea where you are on the route if you have a big mishap.
Safety on this event is paramount so abide by the rules of the road as the roads are not fully closed even though they are marshalled.
Remember to bring and wear a helmet, a pair of cycling mitts are also handy for hand comfort and if its sunny! sunglasses will help to make you look cool.
Last but not least.. its all about fun, so if you are doing the Polkadot events for as a personal challenge or for a charity make sure you enjoy yourself.

SIGN ON opens at 7.30am at the Western Lakes cycling centre on the Kilmaine Road Ballinrobe with the Fada starting at 8.30am, the Polkadot and the Beag event starts at 9.30am

See www.westernlakescc.com for more details.