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Polar Circle half marathon


Conor McLaughlin and the Polar Circle half marathon in Greenland I wanted to do a race which would capture people’s attention in order to raise much needed funds for the Irish cancer society. I decided to do the Polar Circle half marathon in Greenland. I seemed to be well run and affordable. I started training in May. I did a lot of work on the Beach on soft sand to replicate the underfoot conditions of what it would be like to run on snow. I did a lot of long distance swimming as well to prepare for the exposure to the cold.

The race day conditions were perfect and i was fortunate to get a good start on fellow competitors. The first 5km was extremely difficult because we were quite high up on the ice cap and temperatures it down to – 15.The ice cap involved a few hills and snow up to 75 cm thick which was hard to run through.

Once we were off the Ice cap the race began to feel like any other run. There were a few points along the way i thought i would have to stop because of the cold air hitting the back of my throat was tough to cope with, but things worked out well and i was lucky enough to win the half marathon.

Thanks to by sponsors and the Ulster Bank community cash back i was able to raise 860 Euro for the Irish cancer society.

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