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Pain is your Friend…


Who Remembers this movie??? None

Who remembers this movie clip?  



I know I was very impressed by Vigo and Demi in G.I. Jane and I thought the movie was very inspirational, even if the majority of what she was training for was fictional. It was awesome to see them put full effect to use of what some would consider genuine BUD/S techniques.

Pain is your friend… what a wee little speech that is given as O’Neil fights to bang out the Flutters – — The best thing about pain? It lets you know you’re still alive!! Couldn’t be more true either…

So why am I posting about G.I. Jane and pain? Well, because it’s time for another class of Hellweek PT™ of course =)

On the 30th of July this year it will be one whole year since I launched what is possibly the craziest challenge on this island and certainly the most unique military themed event or training anywhere in Europe, let alone Ireland or the U.K!

This time we are looking for 150 candidates for Class 006, which is the last class before Selection is finalised. Selection?? For What, you ask? Well, for an even bigger challenge that involves so much more than just physical and mental elements! But, we’ll get to that later, to be selected for that challenge, which is 8 hours long, you must first pass a 4 hour challenge that takes place on Mornington Beach in County Meath.

The 4 Hour Evolution Endurance Challenge is perhaps one of the toughest events and challenges to face anybody. Completely military in theme, ethos and basis, there are no second chances! Developed from Elite Selection Processes in the U.K, USA and Scandinavia, you will undergo something akin to Demi Moore and her buddies – only, this is for real. BUD/S, Commando and CSAR selection elements are all condensed down in 4 hours, with an optional 4 weeks to train for it your self.

So, you know where, you know when… what’s the cost? 18 Squids… 18 Euros like, nothing more… why so cheap? Again, completely based on the fact that this is military in nature, you don’t get a t-shirt for it, you don’t get a medal or any other materialistic prize, the only prize you get, is the achievement of joining the few that have successfully joined us in the Elite! Those few that have gone the whole hog without ringing that Ship’s bell once, or even thought about it!

So what’s the craic? How do you train for it you ask? Well, simple, upon registration you will get a welcome email – that will contain a training plan you can use your self at home or in the gym and you will get a handbook that teaches you what to expect on the day.

This event is perfect for sports teams that want an edge in their competitive nature, leadership skills, decision making skills and more!! Everything you see in a Navy SEAL’s training, Commando’s Training or any sort of survival training is included in this challenge.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to work at your maximum for 4 hours, wet, cold, tired and hungry with only 2 x 60 second water breaks, then you should sign up for this! It has been fantastic for so many others and given people that edge they needed in life to complete things they once thought beyond them!

Come on, give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose… G.I. Jane’s got nothing on Hellweek PT™ – check it out and then get registering: