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Not sure where to start with your 2019 fitness goals? Tough Mudder’s got you covered.


There aren’t many exercise fads that the RunIreland.com Team get excited about, as all fads eventually go stale once the novelty wears off. However, Tough Mudder Ireland have suggested a 30 Day Challenge for the start of 2019 that we are all getting behind.

It’s Simple: Make sure you spend 30 mins being active every day for 30 days

Tough Mudder suggests to spend the 30 minutes however you like: walking, running, swimming or weight training. Rest days can include a brisk walk, while days where you feel up for a more intense workout can include a HIIT session.

This achievable goal is great for people who want to become more active in 2019. By incorporating this set amount of exercise into your daily routine, being active will start to become habit – and hopefully will continue long after your goal of 30 days.

Tough Mudder also supply a 28-day training guide to help you out, all with the Tough Mudder event on the 20th & 21st July in mind as a six month goal into 2019.

Click here for more information on the challenge and the event, and best of luck in 2019.