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njuko launches Entry Fee Insurance


In an exciting new development for event directors and participants, leading online registration platform njuko have launched Entry Fee insurance. This is an innovative asset for all involved in event organisation and participation.

The product allows the participant who signs up to an event, sometimes many months in advance, to activate their insurance up to 30 minutes before their event starts with the insurance processing taking just 72 hours. For many of those signing up to a race the fear is always there that an injury or life in general can get in the way forcing the participant to pull out of their event and lose their race entry or only get a partial refund. Event insurance now takes this risk out of the equation for the participant. For the event organiser it takes the hassle of issuing refunds out of their hands and also ensures they aren’t losing revenue should participants need to bow out of an event.

The process is very simple on both sides, with the cost of purchasing the insurance at just 5% of the race entry payable upon registration by the participant. Speaking about the launch of the new product Thomas Mannah of njuko said ‘Entry Fee Insurance is an exciting new feature on the njuko platform that event directors can switch on at the click of a button. When activated the participant will be able to purchase their insurance with their initial registration. The benefit of this policy is in its coverage, simplicity and value. This is an essential feature to offer, as it gives participants the ability to sign-up with more confidence and enjoy ‘peace of mind’ until race day.’

Speaking about the addition of the new product, Run Ireland Managing Director Ray O Connor said ‘ This is a great new addition to the offerings from njuko. As an event director it takes a lot of the admin away with regards to refunds and cancellations in what is always a busy time in the week or so before a race, for the participant it gives them the option sign up early and availa of the best prices with the reassurance that should they need to pull out they can, without losing out on their race entry fee.

For more information on how you can avail of event insurance as an event director please contact [email protected] or [email protected]