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Next BHAA race


Garda cross-country on 18 February 2012 at Phoenix Park After big attendances at our cross-country races this year so far, we are expecting to surpass that on Saturday when we have the BHAA Garda cross-country races at the Phoenix Park, close to the Magazine Fort which is near the Islandbridge gate. The men’s race is 4 miles and the women’s race is 2 miles with simultaneous starts at 11.30am.

 Registration etc will be at the Garda Boat Club, Islandbridge. Registration will finish at 11.10am because you will need to jog to the start. A note of caution to those who have been leaving it late to register: the race will start on time so runners will arrive late for registration at their own risk – allow yourself lots of time for entry and warm-up etc.

Prizes are sponsored by St. Raphael’s Credit Union and Runways sports shop. Our Garda colleagues always put on a good show so I am sure it will be worthwhile going to this race.

There are more details, including a detailed course layout, on the BHAA website.

Note that the RTE television programme, Operation Transformation, will have a 5k event in the Phoenix Park at 10.00am on Saturday too so it is likely that traffic in the Phoenix Park itself will be heavy so, with the existing roadworks, you should probably try to avoid driving through the Park.

The tag timing system is progressing well and most of the bugs have been resolved at this stage. We want to retrieve the numbers at the finish but we do not re-use the pins. We suggest that you bring the pins home for re-use by you. In any case, please do not drop pins on the ground at the finish area; use the containers provided. We do not want our pins to be the cause of injury to people or animals after the race set-up has been cleared.

Hope to see you there.

The Editor