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A newly-launched west of Ireland ‘bootcamp’ is claiming to have “the most scenic bootcamp location anywhere in the world”


– and it’s even prepared to put its money where its mouth is in a novel beauty contest. FitnessWest.ie’s bootcamp hugs an inlet of Clew Bay, regarded as one of the most stunning bays along Ireland’s Atlantic Coast. It also offers clear views of world-famous holy mountain Croagh Patrick.

And they are so confident their bootcamp won’t be beaten for location, they will give a free bootcamp weekend to someone who comes up with a more beautiful rival anywhere in the world.

“We chose Rosmoney House primarily for its location. At night, as you lie in bed after an invigorating day of bootcamp activities, you can hear the lapping of Clew Bay’s waters, and to walk along the beach, it’s only a simple hop over our perimeter fence,” explained Sean McCaughey of FitnessWest.ie.

“And then you have Croagh Patrick looking in our front window. The mountain’s conical sphere is known the world over, and it is far and away the most climbed mountain in Ireland.”

Now FitnessWest.ie have put up a prize for two weekend bootcamp places – worth €700 – for pointers to a more dramatic bootcamp. “We have researched some bootcamps all over the world, and have not come across a location like this – but if somebody can find one, we will gladly give them the two bootcamp places,” added Sean.

“In the unlikely event that a number of more beautiful places come up, we will select what we believe to be the most stunning and give the prize to the person who selected that. If more than one person nominates the same place, we will draw the winner out of the hat.
“We will be fair about it. We will put nominated bootcamps on our site and invite the public to vote. If a more beautiful location comes up, we will take our beating.
“But, make no mistake, this is one prize we don’t expect to be giving away! We have some independent judges lined up, and we will be very fair about it – if some place has, for example, Ayer’s Rock out one window, and perhaps the Taj Mahal out the back, we will be prepared to bend the knee.”

FitnessWest.ie runs residential bootcamp weekends from their Westport base every second weekend. “People come along to escape from the rat race, to take stock of their life, and to arm themselves with tools and an attitude that will stand to them for the rest of their lives,” added Sean.

“Activities can include aerobics, cycling, hill-walking up Croagh Patrick, massage, posture alignment, kayaking, paddkle boarding, surfing, group discussions and motivational talks.”
To enter, email your chosen bootcamp to [email protected]. Places can be booked online at www.FitnessWest.ie or by telephoning 087 6218 119.

• Run by two fitness fanatics Sean McCaughey and Jason O’Brien
• Here you escape:
o Mobile phones don’t work here
o We don’t have a television
o We help people make fundamental changes in their lives
o Meals, accommodation, all activities, and instruction included in price


SEAN MCCAUGHEY, Fitness West, Rosmoney, Westport, Co. Mayo
[email protected], tel 087 621 8119

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Mobile: 087 9185 867, Email: [email protected]