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New Irish Record New World Record for Sunwise Ultra Runner & Inspiration- Mimi Anderson

Congratulations to Sunwise Team member Mimi Anderson on her latest World Record for the fastest crossing of Ireland on foot by a female. This is a massive test of strength and determination over 345 miles in less than 4 days.

Mimi’s challenge began at 6.01am on 22nd September with two official starters and adrenalin pumping round her body. Mimi soon settled into a comfortable pace and along with her trusted crew set into a routine. Setting herself targets along her route to keep her focus and give a boost each time she hit her goal.

Mimi’s amazing journey finished at 21:37:23 at Mizen Head, so the official time for the NEW WORLD RECORD is 3 Days 15Hours 36mins 23Seconds. Not only beating the record but smashing it by just over 10 hour, all this was done on 5 hours sleep!

Mimi’s chosen Sunwise are the Waterloo GS Azure with polarised photochromic lenses for light changing conditions.