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Mini Muckers Halloween Mud Run


 For the last 6 years, adults from all over the country have joined in the muddy new craze that is the Mud Run and they’ve had an absolute ball.

Mini Muckers exciting new obstacle mud run for kids October 10th 2015

We say why let the grownups have all the fun?! After all, if anyone knows how to have fun, it’s you kids!

So for the last year, we’ve been working away to design a Mud Run specifically for kids from 7 up to 15 years old and we’re happy to announce that it’ll be ready this October! The tough course of 15+ obstacles covers a 2km stretch and, believe us, it will test your endurance!

Bring a readymade team from home, or come alone and meet new friends. In any case, get ready to have fun together as you get covered in muck helping each other reach the finish line.

The Mini Muckers challenge is tough and muddy, so when you reach the end it’ll be with a true sense of achievement.

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