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A Measure of Character, and then some… Adventure Races, Marathons, Triathalons, Ironman challenges, Bootcamps and more… They’re popping up left, right and centre all over Ireland in the country’s mad bid to get extreme-fit in this recessionary overhaul of the nation. Since the recession hit in the last two years it seems that everyone is keen to get fit and take on challenges of all kinds without ever having tested their limits or taking the proper all-round training into consideration. I have watched as many people have dropped out of event after event with major injury or worse still, because they lack that mental determination to overcome the next barrier – the wall!

What if you could determine how much will-power you really have without ever having to take part in your planned goal, be it a Marathon or an Ironman? Have you ever really been given a true measure of your character? You might be able to run a marathon in sub 4 hours, sub 3 even, but what about when you are taken out of your comfort zones, how would you do then? Can you face the most arduous and extreme odds, yet still complete the task at hand?

What if I could give you a challenge that would involve you learning new training techniques, new mental preparation for events, character analysis and development, leadership skills and team-building?

Would you be up for it?

Well in Ireland there is a UNIQUE event that will give you all of the above and more! A Challenge like no other, bootcamp it is NOT! Bootcampers are welcome, but this is a major step up from any conditioning “camp”. The HWPT 4 Hour Evolution Endurance Event is just that, an endurance event, military in nature, style and ethos – organised by my self, a former serviceman that has undergone some selection processes and decided to put together a challenge on their foundations for anyone that needs a mental edge in what they do.

A mental challenge more than a physical one, your body won’t carry you all the way, you have to make a choice in order to complete it. This is perfect for anyone looking for the next level up from their last challenge, you will get your mental edge from this event.

Built up of 4 hours, 4 different evolutions, the dynamic is different the whole way through, by hour 2 you will begin to work as a team, in hour 3, there is no option but to work as a team and by hour 4 – those left standing won’t want to let anyone quit!

Picture G.I. Jane and you have something akin to what we are talking about here, albeit scaled down and every precaution taken to ensure your safety is paramount.

Everything from press-ups to sit-ups, butterflies to flutter kicks, sandbags to 300lb logs will be used, in and out of the sea, team challenges will be on the menu, you will be wet, you will be cold, you will be using your brain the whole way throughout and you may laugh, scream and cry – in that order!
It’s not a race, the only timed elements of the challenge are the Team based Evolutions. Everything else is to be done within an hour – you have plenty of time, I have designed it so.

There is no fuel allowed during the challenge, carb up the day before or that morning, but you will not be allowed to eat during the event, anyone caught eating is automatically disqualified – no ifs or buts about it! You get 2 water breaks and that’s it.

Location is Mornington Beach in County Meath. Arrival should be 0900 to get a briefing on the exercises and give your self time to warm up.

There is NO pass or fail in this event, you have the option to stop by ringing my ship’s bell 3 times, but you cannot stop until you have done so! With people coming from Newry, Belfast, Dublin, Balbriggan, Drogheda, Dundalk, Navan, Carlow and elsewhere in Louth and Meath so far, it looks like we have 54 people for the beach on Sunday 21st of November.

Will you join them? Will you resist ringing my bell? Places are limited to 200, so get in there quick and sign-up now, you will get a training plan upon registration sent to your email and no matter how far you go in the event, you will walk away having learnt something invaluable about your self, whilst acquiring new skills that will aid you in daily life.

Don’t forget that mental edge, you will have stacks of that too!

So! What are you waiting for? Register here: https://www.runireland.com/events/hwpt-4-hour-evolution-endurance-challenge — and get cracking preparing.

I look forward to seeing you on the beach Sunday 21st November bright and early.

The Only Easy Day, Was Yesterday…