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Merry Xmas 2011 !


from runireland Team It has been another long year for us ! The website is improving as usual with new contributors, with exclusive professional forum topics “ask the Physio” ” ask the Dietitian” “ask the Coach”.

Winning the Golden Spider award was of course a highlight of the year. We were kept busy keeping up with the national and local news. Adam in the office deserves an award for best customer service.

Our main thanks goes to our contributors and staff Adam, Lilly, Rachael.

But Really, the BIG thanks go to you guys ! Our readers and users are just amazing people, if we could we would publish a list with all the names.

Special thanks to :

– Alan Burke our IT expert from "Annertech" to develop the website.

– Ray O’Connor from Connemarathon

– Angela Geraghty from Proactive

– Aisling Murray our Super Teacher

– Coach Sebastien Locteau from Sportsireland.ie

Our goal was to build up a great sporting community from day one and the Eircom Spider award proved we succeeded.

Runireland team will keep improving the site, and many add on have been put in place

A busy year was achieved successfully, but we are a sporting team with the motivation on achieving the same Pb’s through this site than when we are running.

Keep training, and emails us your race reviews, news etc…… this site is made for you.

The runireland team