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Mary Anderson Colour Marathon


Tyrone’s first official chipped timed marathon Something special is happening in Tyrone on Sunday 13th September 2015. A local charity called the Carrickmore Rainbow Gateway Club, which supports adults with learning disabilities will be hosting a colour marathon on behalf of the Mary Anderson Foundation.

Why is this so special? Well first of all, Tyrone has never had an official marathon before!! Secondly, the cause is pretty superb. There’s a fella called Philip Anderson who has been running a marathon a week in memory of his wife, Mary Anderson, who passed away in late 2015, since the start of the year. This marathon will donate it’s proceeds to a foundation he has setup which will disperse the proceeds to named charities in the local area. Philip is aiming to complete 52 marathons by the end of the year. This marathon is really the highlight of the campaign as it’s named after his wife’s newly created charity foundation.

To enter the marathon or read more detail about it simply click on https://www.maryandersoncolourmarathon.com.