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Blogger I’m 34, married and have a two year old boy. I never ran or
took park in any sports in my life, and I mean that, until last
november where I attended a boot camp session here in Ferbane where I’m
from, I really enjoyed it and there was a little running in it, maybe 1
mile or so, I went for my first run, a 2 mile on the 29th November 2011
and it killed me, I kept at it and now I’m on track for the Dublin

I entered a competition ran by Spar called the Spartan Challenge, and
I was picked to run for Offaly and I’m one of the final 26, we have
done the Dublin race series so far and I have ran a lot of 5 and 10k’s,
I have become very passionate about running and as part of the
competition we were asked to do a blog whenever we felt like it, I’ve
done one almost every day since and I found it a good way of venting if
that makes sense, most only do one or two a week but I try to do it
every day, I have got a good response from people who read them and
they found them helpful, I have also done a few video blogs as well,
I’ll attach the links for you.

I enjoy running and writing about my experiences to hopefully help others like myself, I’m
a novice and I tell it as I see it and it’s sometihing I’ll continue to do when the competition is over, I’m addicted now and love running. My times are improving with each race and I love it, also my wife runs and I mean she really runs, she ran for Ireland years ago and it’s
something we enjoy doing together as well. My aim is to beat her some day.

I really would enjoy writing on your site and it’s a site we use quite
often and find it very helpful when searching for races so thank you
for that.

My blogs https://spartan.spar.ie/blog/author/53
My youtube blogs I done https://t.co/NvWFLzPM

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