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‘Good Coaching makes a Difference’ The world of sport and physical activity is ever-changing. There are many people who are involved in and contribute to the introduction of children to sport, the development of players/athletes, and the preparation of players/athletes to achieve peak performance. To support these people in such key roles, Coaching Ireland has developed a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The objective of this programme is to disseminate relevant & up-to-date Sports Science information on an All Island basis to athletes, coaches, tutors & governing bodies.

Original Programme
•Panel of qualified Sports Science presenters
•All Sports Science graduates and/or Exercise Physiologists
•825 Presentations Delivered (NCTC)
Delivering workshops on 5 key topics:
1.Fuel & Fluid for Sport
2.Fuel for Sport
3.The Female Athlete
4.Get Fit for Sport
5.Planning for Success
To sports clubs, athletes, players & coaches throughout Ireland orkshops delivered to suit evening/weekend training schedules

New Programme
Five new fact sheets and presentations

1.Lifestyle – Getting the balance right
2.Circuit Training – Development of Strength & Conditioning
3.Nutrition – Feeding Performance
4.Making Weight – Tipping the scales for success
5.Hydration – You are what you drink
Click on link to view factsheet references.
If you would like us to present any of these topics to your sports club or organisation please contact Teresa Kirby.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lucozade for their continued support of Coaching Ireland & Irish Sport.