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Looking for a challenge? Get ready for an adventure!


PRESS RELEASE ORBIS Ireland invites you to take part in this year’s Great Ethiopian Run. On November 23, 2008, experience the thrill of running in Africa’s biggest 10km road race. Taking place in Addis Ababa, the world’s third highest capital you will join 30,000 competitors including, some of the world’s most famous athletes for a truly amazing adventure. Your participation will help ORBIS Ireland eliminate blinding trachoma – a highly infectious eye disease that is entirely preventable. The scale of our challenge is enormous and we can’t do it alone. With your support, ORBIS Ireland will bring hope to hundreds of thousands of people throughout Ethiopia – where ORBIS Ireland is committed to eliminating blinding trachoma by the end of 2012.
To find out more about this incredible journey call us on 01 299 3530 or log onto www.orbisireland.ie

• For further information please contact Sara Dale, ORBIS Ireland;
Tel: 01 299 3530 – Email: [email protected]

• ORBIS Ireland is part of ORBIS International a non profit global development organisation working to eliminate avoidable blindness in the world’s most poverty stricken regions. Over the last 26 years a staggering 6.8 million people in 86 different countries have had their sight saved or restored as a result of our work.

• ORBIS Ireland is committed to one major project – eliminating blinding trachoma in Gamo Gofa, Konso and Derashe, Ethiopia by the end of 2012. More specifically we will help save the sight of 60,000 people at immediate risk of blindness; prevent 36,000 from developing the blinding condition and cure half a million children from active trachoma infection.