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Legends of Lough Key Adventure – Legends 10k Run


Lough Key Forest Park comprises a large forested area with myriad trials weaving through it. It is also criss-crossed by an intricate network of canals and features some really atmospheric features such as the Ice House, Fairy Bridge, Wishing Chair and Temple, hidden within the woods. Part landscaped garden and part wild woods, this is an enchanting spot and an excellent location for some all-terrain running.

Although this area is not hilly, the ground is gently undulating. You will experience different terrains including gravel tracks, mud, stream crossings, a loughside paddle and of course, lots and lots of trees! At night, you will need to concentrate on the route laid out before you; naturally, some light will help and you will need to bring a head torch. Some of the obstacles and features will be lit for you, but on the whole, you will be making your way through the forest with your own light and maybe following the twinkling lights of hundreds of others around you!

It’s autumn, so dress accordingly. Although you are in the Forest a good deal of the time, which is sheltered from the full force of the elements, you should bring warm clothing and good robust footwear for off-road running. You will also need a head torch – as it WILL be dark in there!

10k Run entry €29.00