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Last One Standing 2016


Runners have 30 mins to complete the for 1st loop, once finished each loop you will enter the holding area (astro turf pitch) and wait for the start of the next loop. The next loop will start at 12:30 and must be completed in 29mins. Any runner not finished inside the time limit will be disqualified.

The time will be reduced by one minute for every loop until there is only one runner at the start line, this runner will be the last one standing!

Men and Women’s will not compete against each other, separate prizes for last Male Standing and last Female Standing

If we have 2 remaining and both finish outside the allotted time for that loop the winner will be the one who finishes that loop first.

All runners with the exception of the winner will be an official DNF(did not finish) and will get a medal to prove it.

This race is not about being the fastest! Remember at the start of each loop all surviving runners are on a equal standing.

Pacing is everything!