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Just 48 Hours left to Register


H-Hour approaches Folks, registration for the Hellweek PT(TM) Selection Challenge closes on the 28th of July to allow for administrative operations and preparations for the event to take place. If you’re not registered and paid up by Thursday 28th of July, you won’t be able to take part!!

That leaves just 48 hours to register for this challenge, and it’s a challenge like no other, no matter whether you have done it before or not, there is always something new that will catch you off guard, and this class proves to be no exception.


Class 006 is the culmination of 1 year’s work for us, it will be very very special indeed. This event is life changing for some, an eye opener for everyone and gets talked about endlessly afterwards.


Feedback from the last 5 Classes to cross the Quarterdeck has spoken volumes for the challenge and organisation behind it. It’s an experience you will not find anywhere else in the civilian world, and the Selection Challenge is the first rung on a ladder to even greater achievements and an even greater challenge, but you gotta take the first step and cross the Quarterdeck first and see can you qualify for the next stage.


For 18 Euro, you will learn something new about your self you never dreamt possible and you will have the best day’s workout of your life, you will not do anything close to this challenge anywhere else! So if your interest in the challenge is serious, get onto runireland.com today and secure your place, it will be the best 18 Euro you have ever spent, we promise you that!


Register on runireland.com here: https://www.runireland.com/events/hellweek-pt-4-hour-evolution-endurance-challenge