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Join the TTSFitness15 Challenge to Keep Your Resolutions on Track 


Tri Talking Sport has launched another free fun, fitness challenge for adults TTSFitness15.  Launched on the back of a successful 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge in December, this new challenge is perfect for anyone looking to get a head start on their fitness resolutions this New Year.

The concept is a simple one,  commit to completing 15 hours of physical activity during the month of January. Ideally this would be one hour of activity per day spread out over 15 days. However, this is more about completion than competition so participants can decide to complete the challenge over a variety of durations ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Challengers select their physical activity of choice and complete a tracker to keep account of their activity. The reward for the challenge is in its completion and personal satisfaction, however, those who embrace and complete the challenge will have access to a variety of prizes and exclusive discounts.


Speaking about the initiative, Joanne Murphy of Tri Talking Sport said, ‘Many of us have great intentions to start a new year with resolutions to be fitter, healthier,  stronger and happier for the coming 12 months.  But life creates many distractions, there are lots of ups and downs, motivation can disappear as quickly as the sunshine goes behind the clouds on a sunny day. Suddenly you are at the end of the month with, well with some regret or guilt that maybe you should have tried to stick to those resolutions a bit more. Having an early attainable goal to focus on helps keep the motivation on track well into the New Year.’ 

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This Challenge should help keep some of those fitness resolutions in place until at least the end of January. To date over 100 people have signed up to participate.  Register for free HERE or find out more on www.tritalkingsport.com.