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Ishka Sports Beijing Olympic Trip


Ishka Sports is offering a highly attractive Olympic package to individuals and sporting groups …
…wishing to attend the Beijing Olympics. The package includes return flights, airport pick-up, accommodation, sight-seeing and shopping trips, and tickets to some of the sporting events.

Ishka Sports, established in 2006, is an Irish company that offers an exciting range of sporting goods, as well as overseas trips and sports training programmes. Ishka Sport’s Managing Director, Jia Ma, was a professional swimmer in China for 8 years. In addition, he competed nationally for 2 years in the modern pentathlon. He has worked as a swimming coach for 5 years in Westwood Swimming Club in Dublin.

Beijing Olympic Trip

The rush is already on for accommodation in Beijing, and the demand for flights next August is extremely high. Prices change daily, so it is imperative that any individual or group wishing to attend the Olympics makes a booking as soon as possible.

As Ishka Sports has a very strong relationship with companies in the Chinese tourism and hospitality arena, we are confident we can offer you a more competitive package than what is on offer elsewhere.

For more information, check out our website on www.ishkasports.com or contact us at (m) 086-369-7627 or (email) ishka@ishkasports.com.