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from www.irishrunningtours.com Paul here from Irish Running Tours. Just wanted to let your members know about an exciting new adventure that we have available in 2009. With all these people heading off to the U.S. on their shopping expeditions it got us to thinking about running expeditions. So we have teamed up with 4 major events and arranged a very special package for our clients. We have purposely excluded your New York’s, Boston’s & Chicago’s and in their place included events that are well established, well run, and that take place in locations that has much more than running to offer the visitor.

Many of these events have races of various lengths from 5K’s to marathons so there is something there for everyone. So if you are fed up battling the winds & driving rain here at home, and have forgot what the sun looks like, why not join us to run through the Vineyards of Napa Valley, or help to bring badly needed tourism back to New Orleans by competing in the Mardi Gras marathon, half marathon or 5K.
Have you ever watched those old movies set on the west coast (no, not the Quiet Man’, the West Coast of the U.S.) Well now you have a chance to experience the beauty of Big Sur, California with us.

And for all you lovers of Magnum PI (I know, I’m showing my age now) or anything to do with Hawaii, what better way than to escape the bleakness of the Irish weather than by running in the Honolulu Marathon.
For more info on all these events, see our website www.irishrunningtours.com
So make sure that passport is up to date, check that your sunscreen hasn’t expired and get ready to make your dreams a reality!