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Ireland Coast to Coast Multisport Race – 2011


The 26 Extreme Coast to Coast Race will take place on the weekend of 14/15 May 2011:


Traversing the country in a West to East format the route of the 26 Extreme Coast to Coast Multisport Race will pass through unspoilt rural locations, through quaint villages and along one of the most famous waterways in Ireland. Over two days, the route will wind its way along 200 miles of the best cycling, paddling and running terrain Ireland has to offer. Competitors will be truly astounded at the scenery and challenge laid down before them in this fantastic event.


Day one will see you set off on a route which will encompass just over 100 miles. You will be running on sandy beaches, cycling along deserted roads and paddling along one of the longest sections of inland waterway in Ireland before finishing at the shores of Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh.


At the break of dawn on day two you will set off on a cycling and running challenge totalling just over 100 miles. Expect more great cycling trails before setting off on the final foot section across the famous Mourne Mountains. The sight of the sandy shores in Newcastle, Co Down will be a welcome sight to all and with it will come a realisation that you have taken part in one of the toughest multi-sport events in Europe.


This event is open to everyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to discover.


More information – www.coasttocoast.ie