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Indoor Track and Field Season


From Galway City harriers While outdoor road races are very much dependent on the weather hopefully the following indoor Track and Field championships should go ahead as planned.

Saturday 23rd January, Nenagh, Woodies DIY Indoor Relay Championships.

Men 60 m Shuttle Hdls x 2
Women 60m Shuttle Hdls x 2
Men 4 x 200m
Women 4 x 200m
Men 4 x 400m
Women 4 x 400m
Men 3 x 800m
Women 3 x 800m
Men 3000m Team x 3 to Score *
Women Triple Jump x 2
3 x 1000m Walk (Inter County)
Women Shot x 2
Men High Jump x 2
Women Long Jump x 2
Men Long Jump x 2
Women High Jump x 2
Men Shot x 2