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Inaugural COPE Galway Ocean Triathlon


from Cope Galway The inaugural COPE Galway Ocean Race, supported by Failte Ireland, will take place at 10am on Saturday 23rd May 2009 in Salthill, Galway. The event takes the format of a Triathlon and consists of a 750m swim followed by 20 km Cycle and 5km run along the scenic Galway Bay coast line. The Triathlon is a fund raising initiative for the charity COPE Galway who provide a range of services including a refuge for women and children affected by domestic violence, accommodation for homeless men and women and sustenance and social supports for older people living at home.

The Triathlon is open to people of all abilities, from the elite athlete to the not so elite. If you would like to participate but don’t feel up to either the swim, the cycle or the run don’t despair because you can enter the event with friends and do it as a relay. Entries are open to individuals or a group of two or group of three. In addition to catering for the elite athletes the event is designed to be a fun event that people could do with friends.
The swim takes place at Salthill beach, the cycle is out to Furbo and back to Salthill car park and the run will take place along the prom. We were looking for an event to host during the Volvo Race fortnight but wanted something that could become an annual event said Fintan Maher of COPE Galway. We are hoping that those who participate in the event will get sponsorship from friends and family which will support us in providing services to those who are isolated in our community.

To register for the event log onto www.runireland.com and click on OCEAN RACE ’09 link.
For further information contact COPE Galway on 091 778750 or email [email protected]


  1. A Triathlon is expensive to run. We are not by a club but a business. Runireland is a sport and events management company which has full time staff to pay during the year and many expenses to cover that clubs do not have.

    I think you should compare the price of this event with the price of other events and you will find that price for Triathlons can vary from €27 to €300 for longer ones.

    Feel free to email me personaly if you want more details, This discussion has been had many times in forums and I am sure you find the answers there of your queries.

    Sebastien Locteau

    [email protected]

  2. 60 euro is average price fot triathlon entry if you look at othe rraces e.g Hellof the West non T.I entry is €70, Kilcock Triathlon is €61.48 and these are 2 I have picked at random. Liam Ball is €33 then add €15 one day licence bringing it up to €48. I fyou look at other race entry fees I’m sure you’ll see that the cost of entry for this one isn’t unusual.

  3. 60 euros ?! kilkee which is comapred to this is twice the distance…so it should be at most 30 euros.

    sounds like profiteering to me…

    how about u take less of a cut and donate more money to cope…

    even loughrea triathlon is much cheaper than this…

    keep it simple and wholesome, remove the unneccessary rubbish normally given out (not another t-shirt!)
    and lets get a reality check !

    But at the same time fair play for organising this long over-due event!

  4. Hi Guys,

    It seems that many events get those complaints, when I organise the 25.5 series for €27 I get the same emails with the opposite answers, people want T-shirt, timing ship, prices etc….. So what ever we do we do we will never be in a winning situation. Ou cost are calculated for our business to survive through the year and pay our staff etc…..

    Your figures are also wrong, they do not include the extra €15 of insurance for non TI members, which we do not have, and is include in the €60, there is no Tshirt but remove €7.5 for timing chip, €3.5 for silicone caps, ambulance, water, prices, website, online entry charges, barrieres to rent etc….. I let you do the calculation

    I would love to organise events for free, but like everybody I have to buy my food and mortgage, and my full time staff would not appreciate this either.

    Cost for a sprint or a olympic are the same, that you double it or not volunteers, the recession does not mean we pay less to organise it…..nearly the opposite.

    I will not feed the money issue, anymore because, I think I have been honest enough in my last post, and that the first 120 people who entered so far did not complain, so please let people make their own decisions. We do organise it for COPE and not for ourselves.

  5. Yes at the outset the cost may seem steep, but try and organise an event and you’ll see the costs involved.

    People never seem to be too bothered spending easily 50 quid on a night out between taxi/drinks/club entry/kebabs or whatever,

    stay home two nights and you’ll save enough for it.