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IMRA Three-Rock Ticknock


Up Fairy’s Castle via 2 Rock

Climb (m):

Distance (km):

Event Difficulty:
6 (2,2,2) – Moderate Terrain, 200M – 500M ascent, 6Km – 10Km

Race Marking:
– Route fully marked

Course Record:
Men: 38:14 (Turlough Conway) Women: 44:36 (Aisling Coppinger)

Leinster League

Organisers Instructions:
It is a challenging course, with 3 separate rocky ascents & fast decents (only 1 short rocky decent, all others are very fast). Route Description: Starts at Ticknock lower carpark and has an instant sharp climb directly up to the upper carpark. Here the route swings slightly to the left and take the muddy relatively flat path along the outskirts of the forest to the bottom of the Boneshaker. The route swings right and takes the rocky Boneshaker path all the way up to the masts at Three Rock. From here you will be directed by a marshall left down a fire road. After about 1km (about 100m AFTER the left hairpin band) you take sharp right cutting into the forest. This path will continuously veer right and lead you up a rocky path. As you approach the top of this path watch for a sharp left that takes you to another fire road. Take a right here along fireroad back to the Three Rock masts. At the masts a marshall will direct you left, directly up the rocky path all the way to the Fairy Castle cairn. You touch the pile of rocks and swing to the left down a very muddy section to a path T-junction. You take the sharp left, which will take you down a fast rocky path. To avoid runners bashing into each other, the downhill runners will take a right before the main Fairy Castle track, running parallel to the main track. After about 50m you turn left to join up with again with the main track and follow it all the way back to the Three Rock masts. From here a marshall will lead you down the tarmac road. After about 500m the route takes a very sharp left down a narrow steep path. At the bottom of the steep section, the route swings right all the way down through the forest to the start/finish area. There will be marshalls at Three Rock and Fairy Castle. Apart from that you will be looking out for small flags, red/white safety tape and some small signs to find your way. Do NOT run over safety tape – safety tape will be used to block paths not on the race route. This area is very heavily used by walkers and mountain bikers, so please be aware that you are not the only people on this mountain. It is advised to know the route as markers have been known to be moved … The short course will ignore the Fairy Castle loop (6km, 500m).

Prizegiving Location:
Taylors 3 Rock