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Improve your Fitness


from Padraig Marrey
2010 is only a few weeks away and Xmas is only around the corner, if you haven’t already started your training for the season ahead, here is a training day that will defiantly help your fitness as well as giving you a valuable insight to where your fitness level is at

.There will be 3 dates to choose from in 2010
• Saturday the 16th of January
• Saturday the 6th of February
• Saturday the 10th of April.

There will be 2 groups spins to cater for the different abilities, spin leaves at 10am sharp, the distance will be decided on the day.
A specific session plan will be followed so that participants get the most out of the spin.
After lunch a 1hr general talk on training will take place, with handouts on a variety of topics

Training Topics that you will find beneficial.
• Cycling specific sessions
• Pedaling and Bike position techniques
• Group riding skills
• Intensities to ride at.
• Info on what to train, for the time of year.
To book your place fill out the enclosed booking form, if you require accommodation please let me know.
Lunch and back up will be included in the fee.


Tel 0877992857