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HWPT 4 Hour Evolution Endurance Challenge


Hell Week PT is a military style Evolution Fitness Camp recently just started up in Ireland. Based on a scaled down version of Elite Forces Selection Procedures, this is a test of will power more than physical strength.


Designed to test your character, mental strength, ability to work in a team, and how you perform under pressure – you will be tested to your limits and pushed beyond anything you thought possible.

Are you able for a few push-ups, sit-ups, jack-knives, some running, getting wet and having a laugh at the sametime?


If you have been training for a marathon, ironman or even a triathlon event, you will know that the biggest challenge you will face is mental – this challenge is perfect for you, it involves 4 hours of evolving rigorous exercises involving, Callisthenics, Running and more on the beach and in the sea! No Swimming involved, but you will be getting wet – so make  sure you are prepared for that. This event is:


A 4 Hour Evolution Challenge involving Callisthenics, Running, Dune climbs, Logs, Teamwork, Sandbags and more…


Think you have what it takes to reach your limits and then break through??? Can you go 4 hours training with little to no rest, in any weather, wet and cold, tired and sore? How far will you go? Will you last the 4 hours or will you break and Ring out?


Come to Mornington Beach on the 21st of November, bring an extra set of clothes, a white t-shirt, long bottoms, shorts, extra socks, runners that you won’t mind getting wet in the sea and plenty of water! Meet at the Training wall at the top of the beach. Also, bring a Foil Blanket or Poncho with you (3 Euro in Tesco) and a spare Blanket for when you are finished.


Don’t forget heart and soul, bring those and you’re half way there!

Bring friends and friends of friends: Places are limited to 200.

Be prepared to get wet, cold, sore and have the worst and best morning of your life!