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Howth Aquathon Race 3


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LONG RACE @ 19.30 Hrs :- 1000m swim – 7.4 km Run
SHORT RACE @ ~19.55* Hrs:- 500m Swim – 3.7 km Run
Entry costs for 2015 are:
Cost to enter one Race is €15 until 1 month before race
i.e. €15 until 24th April for race 1 on 25th May;
€15 until 28th May for race 2 on 29th June;
€15 until 26th June for race 3 on 27th July;
Then entry cost thereafter is €20 until midnight on day before each race – i.e. Sunday night
We would prefer on line entry in advance but on the night entry is possible for €25
Cost to enter all 3 races:- €35 until 31/03/15; €39 until 30/04/15; €45 until 24/05/15
Entry for all 3 Races includes Howth Challenge Series Tee-shirt – Individual Race entry does not – Tees will be given out at race sign at 3rd race on 27th July for those who entered "All 3 races" in a single "All 3 Races" booking only