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How is your mental running?


It’s all in the head I found my athletes, that they are beginners or pros, that their environment as a huge influence on their performance. They worry about what people would think about them, or if everything happens their fault? Do they have control over the world surrounding them? Mental preparation and motivation are just as important as physical training, it can have a huge effect on your ability to stay calm, focused, and be able to enjoy the race in the moment, (even the bad moments).

Before a long run, I always begin with reflecting on how very fortunate I am to have the gift of fitness & endurance, the ability to enjoy a good outdoors session, the sense of accomplishment I will have when I will complete it and the freedom to do something I genuinely enjoy.

The thing to remember is that your mind is a computer which is constantly being programmed by you every moment of the day – and it is always listening to your thoughts! So be careful what you choose to think, and keep those thoughts (and your language) positive at all times if you want to be running a positive program through your mind on big race days.

Remember that human beings use only 1% of their mind’s potential – and this means that there is more untapped potential within you than you could possibly imagine! You are basically unlimited, the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves. The key lies in the quality of your thoughts – and this means the ‘pictures’ you fill your mind with all week, and the ongoing inner dialogue that goes on in your mind all day, every day.

So here are some questions to ponder:

– Are you visualizing images of success, or of failure?

– Are you constantly boosting yourself up, or tearing yourself down?

– Do you always focus on the upside, or worry about ‘uncontrollable’ that you have no power over?

– Do you worry about your competitors, or imagine that they are worried about you?

– Are you intending to attack and further a lead you may have or worry about defending it?

Always remember that you are the one in control of it all!

Sebastien Locteau Bsc, Msc