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How USAIN BOLT did it


3 WORLD RECORDS 3 OLYMPIC GOLDS Micky Ruben has designed strenght & core workouts for the best, including Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Tyson Gaye, and many more.
Hs programmes produced no fewer that 20 medalists and 27 finalists in the 2007 world athletics championships along with 17 olympic medalists in the 2008 olympics.

On the 20th of March, Micky is giving a 3hr chat and demonstartion on the newest and best strength and conditioning techniques available.

As a level 4 strength and conditioning coach, and with his experience as a sports therapist this will be an invaluable resource for anybody out there who has any involvement in sport. You may be an athlete, tri athlete, cyclist or other, a team coach, manager, mentor or just someone who is interested in sport in general. This could be the greatest 3hours you could spend improving your knowledge and uderstanding of terms such as, pre season, strength training, core work, conditioning, season goals etc.

With Micky’s knowledge and experience along with his unprecidented success he does not have to impress anybody. His talks are simple and constructive, yet understanding and relevant. He wants you to go away with an array of tools and wisdom that you can use personaly or bring back to your athletes.

This presentation will take place in the Athlone Institute of Technology on March 20th at 6.30-9.30pm. 

This could be the best 3hrs and € 20.00 you ever spend.

Register now at www.runireland.com on March 20th,  & see how USAIN BOLT did it.

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