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How to get your event in front of thousands more people


JustGiving – The world’s social giving platform The Brighton Marathon is a relatively new event. It was set up in 2010 and since then has grown into a sell out event with over 9,000 people taking part every year. In just three years it’s become one of the largest marathons in the UK and has raised over £7.5m for charity.

 Fundraising has been an integral part of the event and that is what has helped them get to the next level and reach thousands more potential new runners. In 2011 the Brighton Marathon partnered with JustGiving (the world’s social giving platform) and since then their fundraising has increased dramatically with over 5,000 people raising funds for their chosen charities each year.

Every person who registers for the Brighton Marathon gets the option of having their own personal fundraising webpage set up for them so they can. Raise money for a charity of their choice. These fundraising webpages talk about the Brighton Marathon and why the runner is taking part. The stories are inspiring and often incredibly emotional. The runners are sharing these pages via social networks, email and their workplace intranets and on average each webpage will be seen by over 500 people.

And so with 5000 people fundraising that means the story of the Brighton Marathon will be told to over 2.5m people; not to mention the increased potential for media attention due to the incredible stories that are being told.

JustGiving is working with 100s of events around the world and is now able to offer partnerships to event organisers in Ireland so that we can increase your event’s exposure and raise more money for Irish charities. We’d love you to come on board so please do drop me a line [email protected] and we’ll try and get you set up ASAP.