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Hellweek PT(TM) Selection Challenge


Time for Class 008 to sign up and take on what is fast becoming the most popular unique event you will ever experience.


Introducing: Hell Week PT(TM)’s "Selection Challenge". https://www.hellweekpt.com/selection.htm


 PLEASE NOTE: Places limited to 200  – REGISTRATION WILL BE TAKEN ON THE MORNING OF THE EVENT UP UNTIL 0950hrs on the day – Bring 21 Euro with you  – a white t-shirt, dark bottoms and the check the Facebook Page for the remaining Kit List Items.

What is it?
Simple answer is: A Test of Character and Mental Strength
More in-depth answer is slightly, well, more in-depth. The event is a 4 hour challenge based on the selection process of the elite military forces from the Royal Marines and US Navy SEALs. This is a challenge like no other.

4 Evolutions
4 Hours long
Any weather
Logs, Sandbags, Running, Callisthenics, Dunes, Surf, Breakers, Teamwork and a whole lot more…
1000: Fall in for 30 minute briefing on beach
1030: Warm up
1100: First evolution begins – Callisthenics, Callisthenics, Callisthenics
1200: Second Evolution begins – Calls, Sandbags, Running, Sea-immeresed moves, mind games – Water Break 1
1300: Third Evolution begins -Barrels, Log PT (a Teamwork Exercise), Surf-bobbing, Sugar cookie Rolls, and more.
1400: Fourth Evolution begins – Running, Dune Climbing, Standing the line, "Surprise Finish" ca. 1500: Challenge Ends!
Food and fuel is not allowed during the event, you get two water breaks, that’s it! This is about testing your resolve, your willingness to go on despite the odds, not your fitness.

Who is it geared towards?
It’s geared toward anyone athletically or fitness minded, people who are looking for a challenge, people that require a special psychological edge in their day to day routine in work or life, and people that have a unique quality: The refusal to quit no matter how tough the odds.

Where does it happen?
Mornington Beach in County Meath, just down from the training wall where the ships enter the river Boyne from the sea. Fall in = 1000.

What benefit does it offer?
A measure of an individual’s character is defined
Increased mental strength
New Exercise Techniques and ideas for race or event training
An increased competitive nature
Desire to succeed despite the odds in any walk of life!
The newly found ability to draw on strength you never knew you had

When does it happen?
Sunday 04/03/2011

How much does it cost?
21 Euro – why so cheap? There is no t-shirt, few overhead costs and it’s about “your” achievement. In the military, we don’t get t-shirts for completing this, the only thing we get, is the respect of our predecessors that have completed it before us.

What do I need to bring?

Plain White t-shirt, Dark Shorts or bottoms, Baselayer for under t-shirt, Foil blanket, Extra clothing to change into, old runners and clothes for training in sea water and on the beach, Two large towels, foil blanket for afterwards, water, heart, soul and support.


Visit the website for testimonials and more information: www.hellweekpt.com – Hellweek PT(TM) is the company name, the Challenge is Called the "Selection Challenge", it is the first rung on a ladder that will inspire you to greater things in life.



 A day I’ll cherish forever! 🙂 Thanks so much for today. It was very well organised & ye weren’t half as mean as I thought ye were gonna be! The cold got the better of me towards the end but That which does not kill me makes me stonger! I’m defintely a little stronger after today 🙂 – Jolene Mellon, Ultra Marathon Runner.


• Thanks for today, you run a very unique event where you really learn something about yourself. Exhausted, cold, mentally drained yet still being able to dig deep and make it to the end, something I’m so proud of! – Fidelma Brady – Repeat Candidate


• Thanks for another great day!! I did find it tougher today than in July purely because of the cold water!! I can’t even describe how horrible it was to surf bob in that water!! I couldn’t breath, had to tell mself "breathe in, breathe out".. Crazy!! Back home now, filthy, covered in sand, wet (hair), freezing, but HAPPY!!! 🙂 – Sandra Fromm, Repeat Candidate


• Completed HellWeek PT today.it is 4hrs of mental and physical exersion. You will find out a lot about yourself.The temptation to stop on numerous occasions does go through your head but u must overcome this.If u think ur fit this is the tester and Lt and his team get great pleasure breaking you down but great satisfaction when you complete the event. Go on give it a go in the new year. cheere for all involved and the lunatics that took part. – Gareth Kelly Repeat Candidate


• ‎4hr Hellweek Challenge completed, brutual, mentally challenging but worth every minute! — Natalie Kavanagh, Bootcamp Leader and Owner North County Dublin


Thank you to the crew of Hellweek today who helped me through the bad and good times of the challenge,finished and am more than happy. – Colm Downey, Repeat Candidate


• Thanks for today. Was unsure at times if I was gonna be able to finish. But pushed through the pain barrier. See ya in march. – Ciaran Ryan – First Time Candidate.


LT – What a day! Brilliantly Professional, great staff, great camaraderie. Used to think I was ok for 48, but that was a bit of a rude awakening! As they say, “if you’re standing still you’re going backwards!” Compliments to all your staff – Fantastic. – David Fitzgerald Dublinphysio.ie


Yesterday was madness. MADNESS! It was definitely an experience and I did learn a lot from it. I can be pretty stubborn at the best of times and I think that’s what got me through yesterday. It was difficult enough and I felt like I had been hit by a train afterwards. – Sarah Coleman


Super Challenge today Sean and Brian, great sense of achievement on completion. Well done on organising a really great event. I love the feeling of sea water coming down my neck whilst doing sit ups, everyone should experience it at least once in a lifetime!!! – James Gibbons – Bootcamp Ireland Meath Organiser.


It was some experience on Sunday, I really didn’t think I’d make it the whole 4 hours and actually went to drop out about 3 hours in. Boat Crew 1 were brilliant though, I didn’t want to let them down and they talked me into sticking it out. I’m really glad I did, despite the pain I’ve been in this week. – Marcus Pearson


Had Sportsmans Duathlon on sun and bleep test at training tonight.
From completin Hellweek Pt it got me through as mentally and physically
and shows how it helps you in life.Cheers for all concerned.
Gareth Walsh.


I built this event up in my head since the moment i entered it…
i never thought i would completely get the positive effect i
needed in order to motivate me for my next marathon!!! I was WRONG!!
It was the most amazing, worthwhile and exhilerating day that i have
ever had in my life! The challenge was tough, almost impossible at times,
but each time i faught the urge to quit and came back stronger and more determined, i think i grew that little bit more!!
Linsey Kerr, Ultra Marathon Runner. (Linsey knocked 8 minutes off her PB in Rome Marathon just over a week ago after completing HWPT)


"The pain is temporary the memories last forever ,, Hellweek ROCKS !!!": Sean Smith 07.03.11, Repeat Candidate


 I can recall division 3 in the sea phase of evolution 2… CRAZY!!! When LT made us lie back in that water, until he blew his whistle!!! longest few minutes ever…but were still here!!! Had a fantastic day, great team work and motivation throughout. – Donna McEvoy


Baselayer body armour: 35 Euro, White t-Shirt; 25 Euro, The Experience: PRICELESS! – Mark Egan (Mark’s life was changed completely by HWPT – he is now planning on running several half Marathons and completing Dublin Full Marathon this October.


 thanks so much for the most challenging day i have ever had. so proud that i competed it,thank you to everyone that was there it was really encouraging the support that was giving out. o god i really hurt today!!! – Janine Forrest, first time candidate.


Great day, great people, enjoyed every painful minute of it! Mission accomplished, four hours non stop, two 60 second water breaks, physically and mentally the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, and I ain’t going to stop now! Hellweek PT thank you 🙂 – Fidelma Brady. first time candidate.


Thanks for a great challenge, I’m proud to say I completed it, it wasn’t easy and the thought of ringing that bell was always there but I fought through it with the support of the great bunch of people there today and everyone drew strength from one another to keep going..great day! 🙂 – Martina McGettigan, first time candidate.


Fair play to everyone today!! a tough and worthwhile experience!!! sure what else would you rather do on a saturday!!!!! – Dermot Patrick O’Neill, repeat candidate.


‎4hour endurance challenge completed! The team-work was amazing, the people were amazing, we had such a great laugh! I can’t think of anything better to do on a Saturday! 🙂 – Sandra Fromm, first time candidate.


Hell week PT great buzz sore as f**k but worth it! Thanks for a great day Hellweekpt and I may regret saying this but roll on the next one preferably in the blazing sun and glistening warm sea (I wish) – Colm Downey, first time candidate.


Hellweek PT is truly inspiring, it has to be experienced to be believed! Register now and get training. All candidates are subject to Hellweek PT rules and regulations including health, medical, injury related issues/Psychological Issues/Imagery and the use of imagery. This list is not exhaustive and are part of the terms and conditions of service. To avail of the service all candidates agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the service.