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Health & Safety Issues:


The Committee of Cork BHAA As you are all aware, the numbers taking part in Cork BHAA races has increased significantly over the past few years. The Committee of Cork BHAA are concerned about the health and safety of all participants in our races and other users of the public roads on which our events take place. In light of this we are taking a couple of measures to improve the safety aspect of our events.

a) Emergency Telephone Number:
The race bibs in all future events will have an emergency telephone number printed on them.
If during a race you become aware of a participant (or a spectator) in trouble due to illness, accident etc. please ring this number.

This may entail flagging down a motorist to use their mobile phone, knocking on the door of a nearby house etc.
The person answering the dedicated emergency number will ensure that help is sent immediately to the scene of the emergency.

b) Headphones:
from now on participants in Cork BHAA events will not be permitted to use headphones during races.
Our insurers point out that runners listening to music etc. are not giving full attention to the conditions around them and may be a source of danger to themselves and to others. With big numbers starting races and runners in close proximity to one another during races it is essential that participants’ attention to their surroundings is not unduly distracted. Most of our races take place on open roads, many of which have heavy vehicular traffic, and we feel that this measure has now become necessary.

We hope that these measures will be seen by those taking part in our events as a positive step to ensure the safety of all and we anticipate your full co-operation.

Cork BHAA Committee