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Great moments, are created from great opportunity…


dare to be different… If you fancy something a little different to your normal adventure races, to your normal 8k’s and your regular run of the mill events, read on…

If you are the type of person that is inclined to do stuff for fun as well as personal achievement, read on…


There are moments in life that you wonder what the weekend will bring, and there are times in life when you can’t remember the last time you did something that knocked your socks off and gave you memories to beat that band.


If today or the coming days happen to include one of those said moments, then stop wondering what the weekend will bring, get your self signed up for the most thrilling ride you will ever step on to!


“Great Moments, are born from great opportunity!”, Herb Brookes, 1980 USA Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team Manager (Brooks led a group of college nobodies to beat the Russians 4-3 and win gold for the first time since the 60’s)


Great Opportunity is what you have here, and it is that opportunity that can define a man! As Brooks would say, “ –Cant’- Never did Anything!” So instead of going out and wasting your hard earned money up against a wall, why not do something special with your time, your money and treat your self?; to the most amazing day you will ever encounter!


Day of Days™ is Hellweek PT™’s latest challenge. 2 years in development, it has been a long time coming and based on the solid foundations of the Selection Challenge, it is now ready for delivery!


Picture the scene as 60 brave men and women venture out onto Mornington Beach to do battle with LT and his Cadre of military instructors, battle hardened individuals in mind, body and soul, across a range of activities including with the dreaded Log Pit, the Boat Pit, Navigation Course, Boat Races, timed Obstacle Course, Team Based Tasks and a final Race against time and weight at the end in our 8k TAB under load using a hand-drawn map and compass to retreive intel and bring it back ahead of anyone else.


Three teams of 6 will made the final cut and must work as a team to beat the others and find the intel and then make it back in time to claim victory!


It will be a fantastic sight to see everyone take on the o-course, battle through the breakers in surf passage and try to remember their navigation instruction from that morning on the timed Tab to see can they successfully win the day.


The six that do win will have their names eternally marked in history as they go on our perpetual plaque! Will your name be on that plaque?


Everyone gets a t-shirt for taking part and everyone will be making history as this is the first time this event has ever been run anywhere in Ireland, the UK or the rest of Europe.


But you gotta be in to win, so get signed up and get your kit list packed and ready to go, make your way to Mornington Beach in County Meath for 1930hrs on Saturday May 19th and let the games commence.


Remember, in this one, “It pays to be a winner!”




to book online please go to: https://www.runireland.com/events/hellweek-pttm-dayof-days-challengetm