Pain is your friend… Mornington Beach, County Meath, Ireland, November 20th 2011 1100Z — Flutterkicks, Sugarcookie rolls, Divebombers, Log PT, Sandbag Evolutions and a whole range of team exercises. Think of the movie G.I. Jane and you picture Demi Moore in fatigues going the distance with men – cold, wet, tired, hungry and in pain; but feeling more alive than ever before. This is the experience that 122 people to date have endured on Mornington Beach with one difference – G.I. Jane was a work of fiction, Hellweek PT is pure reality!

Six Classes of people of varying ages, fitness levels, abilities and experience have already made history, and achieved something incredible, that can only be understood by being part of it. They have all taken part in a challenge based on Elite Military Selection Processes that are condensed into four hours on Mornington beach comprising elements of US Navy SEAL BUD/S, UK and Scandinavian Commando and CSAR Selection processes. Hellweek PT™’s “Selection Challenge”.


On November 20th 2011, Hellweek PT™ will once more present its Quarterdeck for crossing to the general public. What is Hellweek PT™? “Hellweek PT™ is an Elite organisation that pushes boundaries and teaches mental strength through common adversity in physical output via the medium of military themed events on Mornington Beach, County Meath, Ireland.”


For four hours candidates will have the chance to prove to them selves that they are capable of twenty times more than they believe. Completely military in style, theme and nature, Hellweek PT™’s “Selection Challenge” is for anyone that wants to test themselves on the same levels as the elite. Each hour is progressively more difficult requiring Physical and Mental Strength, good fitness levels and all round hard working ethics behind a person to survive.


Class 007 has 200 spots up for grabs, some of which have already been booked. They will take on 4 weeks self disciplined training for the event and then whatever number of candidates turn up on the day, the first hour will see a 20% drop out rate alone. Ring the ship’s bell three times and you are free to stop, get some chow and a cup of warm coffee – or, you can grin and bare the cold, the wet, the hunger and the icy Irish Sea and North Easterly winds on Mornington Beach and fight your way to the bitter yet glorious end.


This is NOT a bootcamp, you have to be fit when you begin training for this event. You have to be mentally ready for the event when you present your self for participation on the day. Hellweek PT™ is not about getting you fit, it’s about teaching you to push through what you think is tough, and show you that you can achieve so much more.


Above all else, Hellweek PT™’s “Selection Challenge” is a measure of a person’s character. To get a better perspective on the challenge itself, there is a 10 minute clip on youtube of Class 004 where 40 of 63 registered candidates presented themselves on November 21st 2010 and 32 made it to the end, 50% of the original number destined to take it on.


So who is it suitable for? Well, anyone fitness oriented, anyone that wants to get a taste of military training without joining up, anyone that thinks they have what it takes to finish an endurance event and anyone at all sporty, male and female – there is no gender difference in Hellweek PT™.


Even if you have completed something as arduous as an Ironman, come do this challenge, it’s guaranteed you will feel every muscle work in a way you never felt before and you just might be inspired to improve on your next endurance event.


Forget your PS3 and Xbox 360 Black Ops and Medal of Honour games. Forget Airsoft and paintball games. If you really want to feel what the men and women of the elite armed forces of the world go through, then you really gotta take this challenge on! At Hellweek PT™ our motto is, “The only easy day, was yesterday…” If you want to know why, the only way is to experience it and find out for your self!


LT and his Cadré look forward to Class 007 crossing the Quarterdeck November 20th Registration is via runireland.com and the challenge can be found online at www.hellweekpt.com cost is 18 Euros.


Book here: https://www.runireland.com/events/hellweek-pt-4-hour-evolution-endurance-challenge


“The only easy day, was yesterday…”