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Galway Triathlon (Carna)


Swim course
Triangular, 1500m long. Competitors access water for the start at the beach at Kilkieran pier.
The start will be beside the pier.
Swim start will be one wave, starting at 11.00am sharp

Cycle course
The Bike course will be 40 km in length. It is a circular course with all left turns. Cyclists shall exit the Transition area at Cill Chiarain pier onto the main R340 Kilkieran to Galway road and proceed in the direction of Maam Cross for approximately 15 km.


All athletes need to register for the race in person. If you do not register in person, you will not be allowed to race. All members of each relay team need to register in person also.

Registration will take place at the school hall in Cill Chiar�in. If you are a member of Triathlon Ireland please bring your membership card with you. If you do not appear as a member on the current TI membership list and cannot show your current 2009 TI membership card, then you will need to pay a one day license fee of €15 at registration and produce a valid means of Identification (drivers license, etc.). Competitors are expected to provide exact change.

The road surface is good all the way up until the turn off at Derryrush. The only hazards will be when the cyclists first come onto the main road and when they turn off the main road onto Bóthar na Scrathóg.

At an area known as Derryrush the cyclists will turn off the main road and onto a smaller regional road known as Bóthar na Scrathóg for a distance of approximately 10km. This area will be clearly marked as a turn off point for the cyclists. The road surface is fair over Bóthar na Scrathóg, single lane but should be devoid of traffic.

Once the cyclists approach the R340 Carna to Clifden road from Bóthar na Scrathóg they will be directed to turn left again.

The road then proceeds back to Carna. On the approach to Carna village the road forks with cyclists taking the left turn.

Cyclists will be directed to the right hand side of the road 300m before the turn onto the access road for the transition area.

Run course
The run will consist of a 10 km out and back run from the Transition area at Cill Chiaráin pier finishing on the regional road known as Gleann Mor opposite Coynes Pub.. Runners shall exit the Transitions area at Cill Chiaráin pier up a steep hill crossing the main R340 at Coynes Pub onto the regional road known as Gleann Mór. Once they reach the 5 km mark at the top of the hill, they will turn, and run back towards Transition. The finish line will be on the opposite side of the road from Coynes pub, which means competitors wont have to cross the R340 main road again to finish

The surface is fair except for 100 yards of loose chippings at the start, the left turn beside the “water pump station” which is at the top of the hill, approximately at the 3km mark. The turn will be made clear to the runners by a Run Marshall.

There will be a water station half way up the hill at the 2.5km, or as near as possible as to not to create a hazard