1. €20 to run the grey lake in loughrea yesterday with quality tee shirt, hot drinks and refreshments after the race in addition to the standard registered chip time. €25 for the streets of Galway in August over broadly a similar course. You guys are fleecing us by charging over twice the price for the same event? Can you explain why you are charging us so much? Rip off culture alive and well in Galway!

  2. Yes great event in loughrea yesterday all for 20euros,a load of food and hot drinks at end of race,this is all along with chip timing.ye should be ashamed looking for 45euros,please tell me and the rest of the running community what 45euros gets me.

  3. Agree with the comment re entry fee. €45 for a 10K is borderline rediculous. I’m fully aware that its for charity however its an extortionate price to pay.

    I would love to sign up for it but will not be doing so on principal.

  4. I must agree with the previous comments. €45 is too expensive for a 10km. Loughrea was less than half that price with a t-shirt included and the spread of tea & sandwiches afterwards was excellent. Can someone from the ‘Galway Bay 10’ answer the question, how much of the €45 is going to charity?

  5. Couldn’t agree more with all the other posts. Loughrea was excellent and after doing it, I got straight onto runireland to enter another race, Couldn’t believe the price for this 10k, absolute rubbish. No way will I sign up. Cop on for God’s sake!