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Gait Analysis In Galway


Press release from Elvery Sports Elverys Sports Retail Park Galway now offering Gait Analysis.
As the only authentic sports retailer in Ireland that offers a comprehensive range of sporting
products, our passion, dedication and drive know no bounds.

As a result, our dedicated research team is proud to introduce to you PB 180 ( Personal Best –
180 minutes); a purpose designed store that is dedicated solely to assisting athletes perform to
their optimum.
From beginners through to seasoned runners and sprinters, PB 180 is an
exciting new development in Irish running. Our dedicated PB 180 staff offer expert advice on
the right footwear, apparel and equipment so that you can get the most from your training.

Utilising Gait Analysis software ( a technology used to assess an athlete’s leg and foot
biomechanical movement) our PB 180 staff can recommend the right running shoe for your
feet and training needs.

Visit us today in our Retail Park branch to experience the latest technology designed to
make achieve your personal best.
We promise to put athletes in the right running shoe, not the most expensive pair.

Yours in sport
Melissa Airlie

Elverys Sports
Retail Park