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Functional Core Strength for Athletes Workshop


from A.A.I website A workshop in Donegal town with Sean Singleton BSc, NASM-PES. Athletics Ireland supported by Donegal Sports Partnership has organised a specific workshop for coaches and senior athletes at the Abbey Voc. School on Saturday 27th Sept – see details and timetable attached. This workshop is designed to enhance the Coaches/athletes awareness of the importance of core strength in developing athletic ability. As the foundation for all movement a strong and stable core/trunk can make the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete. In this workshop coaches/athletes will learn what muscles make up the core, how to get the most out of them, specific exercises to strengthen the athletes core and how to incorporate core strength into the overall conditioning schedule of the athlete.

The workshop will be lead by internationally renowned physical fitness educator Sean Singleton. An experienced Lecturer and Presenter in Strength & Conditioning, Sean educated over 500 fitness professionals during his time as Expertise Coach with David Lloyd Leisure. His role as ‘Trainer to the Trainer’s’ has seen him deliver seminars and workshops all over the world including California, Estonia, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin and London. He also assesses the ability of newly qualified personal trainers in his role as Teacher/Assessor for Performance Training Solutions – the UK and European arm of the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
As a trainer to athletes and sports teams Sean has a wealth of experience in conditioning Rugby League Teams, Football Teams, Hurling Teams, Sprinters, Distance Runners and many other professional and amateur athletes. Being extremely passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals He has worked with and is familiar with a host of special considerations such as obesity, back pain, rehabilitation on knee and ankle injuries, diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and many more.
His articles on running/track and field fitness can be read in the Irish Runner magazine, where he is the Health & Fitness Expert. He has also written articles for David Lloyd Leisure, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health, the Saturday Telegraph and the NCEF Instructors Magazine.


9am – Registration

9.30am – Anatomy of the Core
• Key Musculature
• Function of the Inner and Outer Units
• Application to Training

10am – Systematic Training of the Core
• Core Stabilisation Training
• Core Strength Training
• Core Power Training

10.30am – Break

10.50am – Functional Exercise Technique
• Biomechanics
• Key Principles

11.15am – Core Stabilisation Exercises
• Individual Exercises Demonstrated and Practiced
• Group Core Stability Workout

1pm – Lunch

1.45pm – Core Strength Exercises
• Individual Exercises Demonstrated and Practiced
• Group Core Strength Workout

3.30pm – Core Power Exercises
• Individual Exercises Demonstrated and Practiced
• Group Core Power Workout
4pm – Scheduling
• Where does core work fit into the overall athletes schedule
• Questions

4.30pm – Close

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