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FREE ebook Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the Edge for 2 days ONLY Tuesday & Wednesday


Outcomerun Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the Edge is available FREE to download off Amazon kindle for 2 days only Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th of June. If you don’t have a Kindle – don’t worry. You can download the kindle device to your computer (takes about 30 sec). This will give you unlimited access to many more books available Free on Kindle

 To Access the FREE Outcomerun book you need to do 2 steps.

Step 1 (Skip this step if you have a Kindle). If you don’t – you can download the soft wear by clicking on this link https://goo.gl/CjsQu You can now read any Kindle books from your computer.

Step 2 To find the book click on https://goo.gl/I7sSy Then click on the button on the right ‘Buy Now with 1-click’ That’s it! You can start reading straight away.

Happy reading. May Outcomerun bring greater Positivity into your life…


Outcomerun as the name suggests will get you out running. Could this be looked upon as a book about running? To some extent – yes. It does mention the word ‘run’ in the title. ‘So if it looks like a dog, walks like a dog and barks like a dog – then it must be a dog’ you might say. Yes, that most certainly is a dog! Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the Edge, however,is not a book solely on running. It’s much more than that. That’s the good news! The bad news is that having read this book you may find your resistance towards physical exercise is now defenceless. I don’t apologise for this new ‘loved up’ feeling resulting in you regularly circumventing your local park dressed from head to toe in lycra. ‘My God, what would the neighbours think….?’ Who cares! You are too busy getting fit and feeling very Positive about yourself.

Outcomerun is based on 7 Pillars to bring more Positivity into your life. The 7 Pillars include:

1) Fun Passion

2) Gratitude Feedback

3) Love Significance

4) Generosity Law of Attraction

5) Patience Challenge

6) Flexibility Strength

7) Outcome Goal
Running is the vehicle used to anchor these words so they become habits in both your running and daily life. Can your running benefit from this book? Yes. Can your life benefit from this book? Yes, indeed.
Written by Eoin Ryan a Life Coach and runner who has combined his two passions to deliver this Positive and enjoyable read. Outcomerun also featured on Dragons’ Den https://www.outcomerun.com/index.php/dragons-den
The App and Seminars will be available shortly to compliment the book.