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Fingal Sprint




Swim – 750m
Swimmers must be at the staging area 15 minutes prior to their wave start.
There is no tumble turning allowed.
Each competitor will complete 15 lengths.
The following information will be provided at registration:

the wave (1, 2, or 3) to swim in
your lane number (1 to 10)
the colour hat to use (this will be provided)
Some if not all of this information will also be provided in advance of the race

Lengths completed will be counted by two race officials per lane. Please note that you also have a responsibility to count your own lengths. Officials will inform you when you reach to 650M mark by tapping you on the head as you turn. If there is any confusion, any decision taken by the race officials will be final.

Once you have swam 15 lengths you will exit the pool and go directly out the double doors at the end of pool as directed by race marshals.

Changing Areas
Changing rooms will be provided. There will be 2 male and 2 female changing rooms reserved for race competitors. These will not be locked and athletes are advised to remove there belongings once they have changed. Use of public changing rooms will also be available if required. Post race shower facilities will be available.

You will not be allowed into pool area with any additional attire other than swim costume, goggles, swim hat and race chip. Hats will be provided.

There will be 3 waves with a maximum of 11 swimmers per lane. There are 10 lanes. Therefore max no. of entries will be 330. You will be required to be at the pre-swim gathering point (room adjacent to pool) no later than 15 minutes before your wave start time. You must wear the coloured hat provided as this will a key point of identification.

You will have 5 minutes to warm up. Each lane will be marked for direction (lane 1 will be up left down right, lane 2 will be up right and down left, lane 3 as lane one and lane 4 as lane 2 etc). You will all start together in the water. No grading/staggering will be in place, agree amongst yourselves your order in the lane.

It is important that you provide a swim time which is accurate. Providing a time which is too fast or too slow will disrupt other swimmers and yourself. You can pass at the turning point at the end of each lane by tapping the swimmer in front on the ankle to inform him/her that a faster swimmer is coming through. The lanes are wide so if you are confident you may pass mid length but you must swim close to the lane ropes.

Time Limit
The first wave will consist of slower swimmers and will be given 35 minutes to complete the course. A time limit of 25 minutes will be applied to other waves. If a swimmer exceeds this time, they may be asked to leave the pool at the discretion of the attending officials.

Lifeguards will be on duty during the event.

You are advised that if you get into difficulty to simply move to the side of the lane and take support from the lane rope until you have recovered sufficiently to reach the end of the length. There will be two race officials not counting lengths that will be watching for struggling swimmers so help will be at hand if required.

If either of these officials feels a swimmer is endangering himself or others swimmers they will be permitted to instruct a swimmer to leave the pool. This swimmer will be permitted to complete the remaining cycle and run legs but will not receive a finishing position.

Each athlete will have a number written on right shoulder and left calf at registration.