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Featured Event Abroad UK: “Judgement Day – leading the way in the obstacle race revolution”


Salisbury Down, England As obstacle racing becomes more popular, with more and more events popping up, up and down the country – Judgement Day has announced its inaugural event, taking place on 26 & 27 April 2014 at Salisbury Down. A very secretive event – little detail has been, and will be, announced about the event or course itself. All participants know is that a live Ministry of Defence course which is used to train British Special Forces, is on offer to those who sign up. A unique opportunity not normally open to civilians and a chance to compare yourself to the elite.

Promising to test both physical and mental stamina – 5,000 competitors will run 10 miles with no course maps, obstacle lists or gimmicks, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Claiming to ‘make Tough Mudder look like an afternoon stroll in the park’ – it’s fair to say that this is the one to be part of for 2014. Race Leader and Founder Mark Buller states,
‘No Judgement Day event will be the same as anything else on offer, and this first event will really showcase the calibre of courses and challenges we can deliver. As an obstacle racer myself, I know I’m looking for the next thing to try, which is what brought Judgement Day to life. We’re leading the revolution and setting the pace which OCR fans should expect. They’ll be no standing around in the rain on the start line.’

Free training sessions are on offer prior to the event, and their Facebook page leaks the occasional image to hint at what participants might expect. Find out more and register here:
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