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Escape from Spike Island Swim – sold out


The escape from Spike swim is a 1800m (distance varies due to tides and currents) open water swim from Spike Island in Cork harbour to Cobh, Co. Cork.

Entry is limited due to the volume of safety cover required. You should have swam in the Open water environment this year and be capable of swimming the distance before you enter.
Spike Island was settled in the 6th Century by Monks, in the 12th century the Normans took control of the Island. It started as a Prison Island under Cromwell in 1652 and continued up until 1880’s as a holding and deportation centre. Fort Westmoreland was built in the early 1800’s on Spike Island and it served as a British army base until the War of Independence, while it held Rebels and convicts until the signing of the truce. Spike prison opened in the 1980’s and continued to function as a prison until 2004.





  1. I lived on spike for a year in the 80’s. I would live to go back for the swim. I tried swimming off it before but only got out past the rocks. I have being training in a gym for a year and do the boxing so I should be fit. I tryed to sign up bit can’t..