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EMbrace 6k


 We want to see people of all race, colour, shape and size take part in this inaugural event.
“I’m fat”. “I’m ugly”. "I’m not good enough". These are just some of the heartbreaking beliefs of young girls and boys around the country. It’s hard to believe that the next generation carry so much shame about themselves, we must help them, lets do it for the future!!
EveryBODY has the right to a positive body image.
Bodies come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, abilities and ethnicities and every single person on the Earth deserves to celebrate their wonderful bodies.
Register now on https://events.fitlive.ie/embrace-6k-family-fun-run. This is NOT a competiive event and is open to people of all abilities and disabilities
All entries received before Monday 18th Sept will receive a tech top as a momento of a great event.
Share the word!!!!