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Eireman X Triathlon


The swim is 750m in Courtown Harbour bay. It is a sea swim parallel to the shore that ends at transition. Water temperature is expected to be 12 degrees.

There will be an aid-station in transition.

Wetsuits are mandatory (no exceptions).
If you are in difficulty. Turn over onto your back and raise your hand in the air. A rescue craft will come to your assistance.

The bike course is 10km of toil and trouble. It’s mostly off road on a variety of terrain. Suffice to say you need a mountain bike. Helmets are mandatory.

This is a physical cycle and you will have to carry your bike on several occasions. Natural obstacles on the route will not be removed (e.g. tree trunks and roots). Remember your limits and experience when it comes to traversing them. Permission has been granted to use these forests on race day 10th May 2009. These are not regular mountain biking trails. We would kindly ask that you respect this by not riding there prior to the event.

There will be sections on the bike where you will be asked to call out your number. Please make sure you are wearing it or have memorized it. Either way shout it out please when asked.

The bike course starts off in woodland paths 0.4km – grass (passing area) – grass dune hills 0.3km – tarmac road 1.1km (passing area) – woodland paths .2km – cross a river – woodland .4km – Cross over a bridge (no cycling zone) for .2km – cross 3 x rivers 0.15km – river path 0.3km – road .8km – cross river – woodland trails 1.1km (0.4km of this is reasonably technical) – cross a river – sand 0.4km – tarmac road 1.5km (passing area) – woodland path 0.4km (passing area) – woodland (rough horse) trail 0.4km – woodland trail 1.5km – woodland path 0.7km (passing area) – cross a river.

There will be an aid-station in transition.

Helmets are mandatory.
Please exercise courtesy if someone is trying to get past on the narrower stretches.
Draft all you like…..

The run is 5km of cross country. Not running around a field or horse racing track ‘cross country’… this is the real deal!! Prepare to get wet and muddy.

The run will start on a tarmac road, shortly after you will be directed up to woodland paths. Cross a river. Go under the bridge and follow the river. Turnaround and retrace your footsteps to the finish.

You will be asked to call out your number at the turnaround point. If we don’t record your number we will assume you have gracefully exited the course…

There is an aid-station at the turnaround point.

Use old runners. This course is wet and mucky.
Mind the uneven ground.
The river crossing will have a rope for support if you feel you need it.