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Eireman X Triathlon


Eireman X – Off Road Triathlon/ Duathlon

Eireman X began its life as an Off – Road Triathlon. The swim,
off-road cycling and cross terrain running combo has been a big hit
with people. This is an alternative event that has more fun and
adrenaline than normal races, with a bit of madness in-between and
some degree of skill of course.
However, we acknowledge that not everyone likes open water swimming,
so since 2011 we are pleased to include the option of the Off–Road
Duathlon. This is a Run – Bike – Run. Same course = same madness.
For those who are looking for an extra stimulus from triathlon,
mountain biking, cyclo-cross or adventure racing or just looking for
Craic in general this will be right up you street.
Be warned: this is neither a classic mountain bike course nor a
straight forward triathlon. You are going to get wet (swimming or
not). You are going to get muddy. You will carry your bike over
obstacles in the woods. You will be jumping into rivers and climbing
out of them. But most of all you are going to enjoy this 😉
Eireman X prices are low making it a very affordable race. Great starter race to do your first Triathlon/ Duathlon.

Tri €35
DU €25
Tri relay 2 people €60

No one day licence required saving you €15