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Éireman X drops Entry fee


A unique off-road triathlon Éireman X have dropped the entry fee to €40 for this unique off-road triathlon on 01st October. The entry remains limited to 200 and is over 1/4 full. They have also introduced a Duathlon for non-swimmers so they can also enjoy the fun.

 ‘We have reduced the entry charge and taken out the one day licence fee as most were doing the event as a once-off adrenaline event and weren’t TI members’ says Race director Eoin Ryan. ‘Both the triathlon and duathlon are independently insured so no worries there’.
For those who are looking for an extra stimulus from triathlon, mountain biking, cyclo-cross or adventure racing or just looking for Craic in general this will be right up you street.Be warned: this is neither a classic mountain bike course nor a straight forward triathlon. You are going to get wet (swimming or not). You are going to get muddy. You will carry your bike over obstacles in the woods. You will be jumping into rivers and climbing out of them. But most of all you are going to enjoy the fun.
Being one of the last races of the season and taking place on a Saturday people can stay and enjoy prize giving at the local ’19th pub’ with finger food laid on followed by music that night.
This race will suit Runners, Triathlete’s, Mountain Bikers & Cyclocross riders.  

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