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Eireman Middle Distance Triathlon


Race entry
The cost of registration for the different events is as follows:

Event Until May 31st Until June 30th Until July 31st
Middle €80 €90 €100
Long €250 €280 €310
Relay Long €400 €450 €450
Olympic €55 €55 €60

Éireman sponsors


Event Distance Laps Number of people
Long Distance 3 .8km 2 1
Middle Distance 1.9km 1 1
Relay 3.8km 2 2
Olympic Distance 1.5km 1 1

The swim course is in an anti clockwise direction keeping the bhoys on the left hand-side at all times. The swim start is at 6:30am, athletes must assemble at the swim start area at 6:10am.

Olympic competitors will start 10 minutes after the Long & Middle distance competitors. They will start 400m further up along the beach at a bhoy.

Wetsuits are mandatory. If you are not wearing a wetsuit you will not be allow enter the water.
Athletes will be allowed to enter the water at 6.10am for a 10 minute warm up. Please note you will have to return to the Beach at 6.20am. Your cooperation is needed here. Failure to exit the water will delay the start
At 6.25am athletes will be asked to proceed to the starting bhoys in the sea. We strongly recommend that weaker swimmers should position themselves at the back of the swim group.
The race will begin at 6.30am.
A drinks station (water only) and an optical table will be located near to the entry/exit of the swim.

Exit the swim at the Triathlon Ireland arch and proceed onto the beach.
Continue up the path towards transition.

Long Distance competitors – aim for the bag racks and take your bike bag to the changing tent.

The cycle course is on closed fast roads.

Event Distance Laps Number of people
Long Distance 180km 4 1
Middle Distance 90km 2 1
Relay 180km 4 1
Relay 180km 4 2
Olympic 40km 1 1

From transition – All distances
* Turn left up the beach road toward Courtown Harbour.
* Take a right at the bridge followed by an immediate left at the amusements…
*Followed by a quick right on to the R742 leading up the hill and out of Courtown.
*Continue as far as the Courtown Roundabout and take the first left.
*Continue up to the second roundabout and take the second left crossing over the N11 to the third roundabout (Exit 23)*.

On the N11 Bypass – Long & Middle Distance
*At the third roundabout
*Take the third exit off the roundabout down onto the Northbound lane of the N11 Dual Carriageway.
*Proceed north (towards Arklow) cycling on the left hand side.
*Before the Arklow South turnoff cyclists will turn around.
*From here they will proceed straight to the Clough Roundabout along the Dual Carriageway.
*Turn around before the Clough Roundabout and continue back cycling on the left hand side of the Dual Carriageway.
*Full Distance cyclists will do this 4 times. Half distance cyclists will do it twice.
*Once complete take the slip road back up to Exit 23 from Clough Roundabout. Take the third exit.

On the N11 Bypass – Olympic Distance
*Take the third exit off the roundabout down onto the Northbound lane of the N11 dual carriageway.
*Proceed north (towards Arklow) cycling on the left hand side.
*Before the Arklow south turnoff cyclists will turn around.
*Proceed back to Exit 23 and take the slip road back up to the third roundabout. Take the first exit. (slip road will be divided with barriers to avoid crossover)

Back to Courtown – all distances
*Cross the N11 over the flyover and upon reaching the Roundabout take the second exit.
*Continue down the hill to the Courtown Roundabout.
*Take the third exit off the Courtown roundabout and continue back to Courtown Harbour.

Note that
Distance from Transition to N11 Dual Carriageway is 2 x 5.5km.
Each lap is 42.25km
There will be 2 Aid stations on the Bike course (see map)
It is your responsibility to do the required number of laps.


Event Distance Laps Number of people
Long Distance 42km 2 1
Middle Distance 21km 1 1
Relay 42km 2 2
Olympic Distance 10km 1 1

The run course is an out and back from Courtown Harbour to Gorey. The route will be well sign-posted and marshalled.

From transition – All distances
*Upon exiting transition turn left.
*Continue up towards Courtown Village, taking a right over the Canal Bridge into Forest Park Car park and right again to enter the woods.
*Continue through the woods as far as the High Cross (The Chestnut Walk).
*Turn around here and take the lower path down to the Spike Bridge (The River Walk).
*Cross the bridge and take a left along the river bank for 150 metres.
*Take a right up the slope to join the main woodland road and turn left.
*The Woodlands exit takes you onto the Ballymoney road.
*Turn left and continue down towards the R742. Just before the R742 turnaround and continue back up the Ballymoney road to the first left hand turn.
*At this point turn right and continue up the road to the first left.

Full & Middle distance
*Follow the road and take a turn to the right at the crossroads. Continue along this road to the turnaround point.
*Follow the road back and at cross roads take a right.
*Following this road until it joins the R742.
*At the R742 take a right and go past Courtown roundabout under the flyover.
*Follow the path into Gorey along Courtown road to the Tesco roundabout.
*Take the Coach road from Tesco roundabout to the Ashdown Park Hotel.
*Cross the road after the hotel and turn left onto the Arklow road into town.
*Continue up the Arklow road to the Coach Inn.
*Turn left onto Esmond St and continue back to the Tesco roundabout crossing at the pedestrian crossing.
*Cross over again to the graveyard side at the end of the roundabout.
*Continue back to the Woodlands exit.

Olympic distance
*After taking the left hand turn continue along this road to the turnaround (marked with a yellow flag on map)
*Continue back to Woodlands exit.
*From Woodlands Exit back to Finish/Turnaround – All distances
*Competitors take a left back into the woods.
*Continue along woodland road and take a right to go down slope.
*Left at the river to the Spike bridge. Cross the bridge and take a right.
*Continue back up the River Walk to the High Cross.
*Follow the Chestnut walk back to the Finish / Turnaround (Long distance ppl)